How to Identify Real and Fake Facebook Fan Pages/Profiles/Accounts

How to Know/Identify if a Certain Facebook Fan Page is Official and Trustworthy
Identify real from fraud Facebook fan pages  

With the rapid growth of Facebook users, the biggest social network and now even the largest website is being used to destroy the name and reputation of a certain person, company, website, or product. This is by means of creating a fake Facebook fan page and then use it to post something nasty or any false destructive information about that person or company, this is one of the main issues about Facebook. 

And for you to check for yourself if a certain fan page in Facebook is real. Check this, If it is a website’s fan page, go to that website and look for the Facebook page links, most websites put their Facebook fan page link or likebox to promote their attract more viewers from Facebook, this also applies for products or companies, they should endorse their official Facebook page either on their flyers and advertisements. And for people’s fan page, you can confront them personally if they own that certain Facebook page. 

Moreover this is why we must not believe on any Facebook posts about something or somebody, as we know anything we see on Facebook can be fake, so before reacting on any horrific posts, always verify it before commenting, sharing or liking it.

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