How to make sure if a certain PC is safe to use to access the Internet

The Risk of using Public Computers

How to make sure if a PC is safe to use to access the Internet
How safe are public or shared PCs? 

One of the common causes of account hacking other than on spam sites is within the computer we are using, primarily on public pc’s; in internet cafes or even PC of someone else. Now how can we ensure that a pc we are using to log-in to Facebook or any sites is not containing malicious sofwares or not programmed to steal our account information?

The commonly used trick to catch our online accounts without our permission are keyloggers installed in a PC, what this software does is it simply records or saves all keystrokes specifically texts typed in textboxes (usernames and passwords) from the PC where it is installed and the person who installed the keylogger can easily access the saved account information afterwards.

Now then how to know if a computer has keylogger installed? You may not find it in the installed programs in control panel, unlike many other programs keyloggers are hidden and you cannot even remove it because it is password protected by the person who installed it (by the way you don’t have to uninstall it, just don’t use the PC and f*** the owner). And what you can do is to check if the anti-virus of the computer is disabled, if it is you should think twice of using it, illegal softwares like keyloggers and other password or account stealers are blocked by anti-viruses so you must disable them first before installing or running keyloggers.

Another thing that makes a computer reliable to use is when a deep freeze software is installed. Deep freeze softwares makes your internet activities in that computer cleaned after the PC is restarted, so to be exactly safe shutdown a computer unit after using it, but restarting is only helpful if there is a Deep freeze software installed.

In short, before using any computer to access the internet, always check if the anti-virus is running. And although not that essential as anti-virus, the presence of Deep freeze software installed also add more security.

But to be entirely safe and if you don’t want to lose your online personal belongings; crucially your money, as much as possible refrain from using public computers to access your important online accounts especially your bank and email accounts.

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