Why you Should not use Ad Blockers | Disadvantages

Ad blockers kills websites

The ad blockers we are talking about here are those web browser extensions, plugins or addons that blocks or hide ads from websites. Normal website readers or visitors are usually annoyed by these ads and start using ad blockers, but they really do not know the reason why there are ads showing up in a website. Almost all websites, blogs, or forums are running these advertisements. And to tell you why, those ads are where the website owner makes money to make their website work. 

Now that you know why you see ads in a website, Now if we block the ads, the website, blog, or forum owner or manager will definitely not earn money, so what do you think the result might be? the website admin will now make a decision to close the website, to tell your running your own website cost just large amount of money. Especially big websites, there already are many employees to make it operational, if they cannot earn from the ads meaning no salaries for the site employees.

For example, the biggest social networking site Facebook, you should notice ads showing up at the right side of the web page. Those ads make Facebook available for us users, so if we continue to use ad blockers we can expect Facebook to close or start to let us pay for membership. 

In short ad blockers kill websites, blogs and forums where we find information and entertainment that I’m pretty sure most of us do need for in our daily life.

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