Disadvantages of using free web hosting/free domain name services

Practically many of us use free web hosting services just because its free but there are also things you must consider before or while using them.

I will note down here the restrictions of free web hosting services that are numerous these days. This includes free blogging platform, forum platforms, and simply free website hosting. You might be asking why these are free or it might be too good to be true so in using these services you should be careful in scams, for example they will offer you free lifetime web hosting but after some time they will start asking you for payments and you will be forced to because you already put lots of effort in building that particular site.

Another reason why they offer free services is the huge earnings they can get with the websites created using their free web hosts. This is by means of the ads or banners showing on your website and the earnings there will go to the web host not to you. They will even disallow you to put your own ads.

And the only thing why you should use these free web hosting is for you to experiment or if you are a newbie in web hosting, you should definitely start with dummy free web hosting first.

And back to the question, what are the disadvantages of free web hosting over the paid ones?

The very first thing you should know is that in free web hosting, you do not have full control of your website or blog, and the web host can shut it down any time. But you should not worry about that if you follow their conditions, most free web hosts has their restrictions mainly on the content of your website, on top of which is content about hacking, pornography or any illegal stuff.

Another one which I already stated earlier above, you cannot monetize your site, although only few has this restriction. And the last one common shortcoming of free web host is the limited components like storage, bandwidth of your site which hold up the thing that free web hosting are for website testing purposes only.

By this article I do not discourage you for using free web hosting, as we know many of us benefit from these, I just want you to know the restrictions you should bear in mind to avoid losing your website. Moreover, not all free web hosting service has all the stated restrictions above.

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