Earning from CPC and CPUV ad campaigns in Nuffnang

If you are a nuffnang user and saw CPC and CPUV campaigns in your earnings and cannot understand completely what these means. Let this article show you the things you might not know, thus the entire classification of both. 

CPC nuffnang

CPC or Cost Per Click ads are the ads that pay you depending on how many clicks you can get. The cost also depends on the advertiser. Cost Per Click range from 10 – 30 PHP. 

You may also notice that CPC ads barely show on your blog, the ads that you can always see are the CPUV ads. And sometimes you will also notice there are no ads showing up

CPUV nuffnang

And for CPUV or Cost Per Unique Visit, these are ads that pay you depending on the number of unique visitors on your blog, so do not complain if your blog has many visitors that doesn’t mean you already earn from that, the visitors should be actually unique (unique IP address; mostly coming from search engines). CPUV ad earnings range from more or less 100 PHP per 1000 unique visitors.

As I said CPUV ads are the ads that show at all times (that is if currently there are advertisers in that ads type), so you can only notice earnings growing if there are ads that appear continuously.

So that’s it, you can identify CPC and CPUV ads by their visibility duration. CPC show barely while CPUV if there are advertisers in your blog will show up at most times.

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