Difference between Postpaid and Prepaid in Telecom Companies

Prepaid VS. postpaid

Prepaid and postpaid are terms or choices we encounter if we are users or subscribers of telecommunication (calling, texting, and internet service provider) companies like SMART, GLOBE, TM or SUN CELLULAR for instance, these are Philippine companies enabling us to connect to our buddies and families either through text messaging, phone or internet calls, and other web and internet services. 

And to define what is postpaid and prepaid is,

Prepaid means as a subscriber you only pay for a service (text, call, or internet service) you want to use or consume for a short duration, also called consumable services. For instance, reloading an e-load or autoload for your mobile sim, or loading for your broadband modem for an amount consumable only for limited time or days.

But for Postpaid it’s commonly called by “plans” (call or text plans, internet plans). And as a postpaid subscriber, you pay mostly monthly. Also for postpaid, the service you are subscribed for is unlimited (unlimited call or text, or unlimited internet browsing) but the amount you pay for is fixed. So dissimilarly with prepaid, wherein you pay for every text message you send, per minute you call, or for every 30 minutes in internet browsing, although in prepaid there are “unli promos” where you can also register and get unlimited services with fixed amount. So postpaid is more likely a “plan based” service subscription. Also, in postpaid you still pay for your plan or monthly bill regardless of how much you use for your texting, calling, or using the internet.

And for those like me who live in texting, calling or internet surfing, in Postpaid you can save much more money in paying for limited, “per bundle” prepaid services.

So in choosing between postpaid or prepaid, the main thing you should consider is the duration you use a certain service, for example in internet browsing, if you use the internet every day and most time of the day, much better to subscribe to Postpaid plans, rather than buying prepaid cards or load which will cost higher and have some of your time drawn on loading everyday or even several times a day But if you only use your internet modem for example only 2-4 times a week to check for important stuff only, you should certainly use prepaid instead, as I elaborated above in prepaid, you only pay for how much you consume.

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