Advantages of RA 10175 Philippines Anti-cybercrime Law or Cybercrime Prevention Act

Advantages of RA 10175 Philippines Anti-cybercrime Law or Cybercrime Prevention Act

An update for this post: Pros and Cons of RA 10175

Intrigued with the title? If yes, you might also be blindfolded by those protests and did not even read the full scope of the law before joining the protesters, and all you might know until now is that the only thing this law does is to end our freedom in the internet. That being said, you must take your time to read this article.

It’s time to talk about the advantages of the e-martial law, crap, junk, cyber-martial law, dictatorial law, or whatever they call it. We can’t hide the fact; this law also has good effect to us, either for facebook or twitter users, bloggers, journalists, which in the first place have been badly affected by this law. But the thing is only part of the law is not good, it is no other than the “sotto law” or what I just describe in the first phrases of this paragraph, the internet libel which directly put to grave our freedom of speech.

Enough for the negative effects and protests which I’m sure is spreading virally in the internet. So don't flood your mind and my comment box with "f*** this law", I already know that.

Let's come to think of it that this law has benefits to us Filipino netizens: perhaps, it will maintain peace for all internet users, lessen the cases our online accounts from being hacked, uphold the copyright or ownership of software developers or any online and computer content on their time and blood invested crafts. Also on top of which is to stop cybersex and child pornography, which I and all of us should agree on.

I am not pro or against this new law, but let our government know that they have the power but we certainly have the rights. Please mull over all possible consequences of anything before signing it into act.

An update for this post: Pros and Cons of RA 10175

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  1. You have the point in this site. Let's pray the peace of this issue.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this to us. You have a broad idea for this issue. I hope that people would also think like you. Let's think about the good and bad side of this issue.

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