Why No earnings in Nuffnang yet?

Why No earnings in Nuffnang yet?

I started noticing this being asked mostly by new bloggers. If you got approved in nuffnang or even got a glitterati membership that doesn’t mean you will start making big bucks tomorrow, unless your blog has an established decent traffic. Nuffnang’s approval for your blog surely is easy get but earning with it will need dedication in blogging and focus on building high traffic for your blog, not by complaining that nuffnang has faulty system whatever.

And here are the main reasons why you still have small or no earnings at all.

Problem no 1:
-No unique visitors – For sure Nuffnang has CPUV ad types which allows you to earn based on the amount of visitors even your ads aren't clicked but you should have a decent traffic also to earn. You should at least 20+ unique visit per day to start. To earn at least 1 USD you have to get 1000 unique visits per day.
-Get your blog indexed in google search
-Write good articles that you think many are interested to read
-Promote your blog/articles in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc.

Problem no 2:
-Misplaced ads
-Follow the instructions in putting nuffnang ads, misplaced ads > no ads will show up > no earning
correct position of nuffnang ads

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  1. Thanks for the info bro, it helps :) But I seem to have a problem that the campaign section in earning is blank, is it because I just started a week?


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