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What's with NuffnangX

I just opened the website of nuffnang to check my blog stats and earnings perhaps, but before going to my dashboard I saw this announcement by nuffnang in their blog "Something awesome is coming your way…" and it is all about the controversial NuffnangX. But what really is this bolt from the blue of nuffnang?

I'm sure everyone is curious and want to know what it is earlier before the said few weeks and from the website it is one month and 12 days from today September 6 2012. We should all know exactly what it is by October 18 2012. But they should give a proper introduction on September 18 2012 according to blog. And as you know i'm also a nuffnanger so we share the same feelings of excitement here :)

From their facebook page, it is an app but what kind of app is it, for facebook, for mobile, for PC, were not exactly sure. I've been thinking it might be social network or more likely a forum type community for bloggers. 

What's with NuffnangX

And from Nuffnang Singapore website, I saw some "Social Blog Stalking" label about NuffnangX, so it would be like facebook like button or twitter sharing buttons that can be attached to any blog. But I expect it to be more unique from what they said it can change the way we blog.

Unless they give some other clue we might come up of a clearer insight, but for now all we know is its some sort of an application. Whatever this might be i'm sure all of us will benefit from it. 

Don't disappoint us Nuffnang it should be super cool!

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