Taking Care of your USB Broadband Modem

Taking Care of your USB Broadband Modem
USB broadband stick, modem, or dongle are simply the best to use because of portability, anyone who have a laptop or netbook can access the internet anywhere, where there is no wireless networks available. And by the growing number of users, many have already thought of making the more of it even bypassing the standards or the hardware limit. Just for the purpose for example of unlocking, pushing the speed limit, or getting free internet access.

But by doing these, you will just eventually destroy your USB broadband. And this certain article I will show you things you should and should not do to keep your modem functioning normally.
First thing is always close the dashboard or the program software before unplugging your modem. Maybe most people ignore this even if the software say so, I have some friends who had their modems damaged because of doing this.

Another one most users are doing is unlocking your modem. Unlocking it will let you use any sim card or any telecom sim with it. There are a few incidents of modem problem related to these, there is actually very low chances that unlocking will damage your modem, just make sure you know what you are doing and read some tutorials that are tested to be working. The common process of unlocking is installing the firmware of another USB modem, you should always make sure you are installing the right one and be sure your PC will not shutdown anytime during the installation.

In any ways do not do anything not associated with the normal usage of the modem that is for conventional internet access only. At least these are the most decisive ways that can actually damage the hardware or software installer of your USB modem. 

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