Disabling Antivirus can Speedup Computer/PC Performance

Disabling Antivirus can Speedup Computer/PC Performance
Does disabling antivirus program improve system speed?

Yeah certainly, disabling your PC’s antivirus can boost responsiveness of your system, Antivirus programs use a lot of system resources so if you want to fully use your processor’s speed in using some of your applications like photoshop, or games, you can try to disable your antivirus software for a while and get a speedup for your system. 

If you’ve tried to format a computer before and there’s nothing installed yet aside from the operating system, it surely runs so smooth and super fast no matter how low the system specs is, but after few days of using it and started installing loads of programs, you’ll notice it slowly losing its speed. Even high end PC's will have a great difference in speed when running antivirus programs, especially the so called strong ones. Only disable your antivirus if you are not browsing the internet and there are no USB, memory cards, or any external storage devices attached to your PC to avoid being infected of course.

You can disable your antivirus by right clicking on the program icon on your system tray, find the option like “temporary disable protection”, most antivirus software should ask the duration you want the antivirus to be stopped, you can estimate the time you finish using your other apps, or just choose to disable and enable it back again after playing perhaps.
Disabling Antivirus can Speedup Computer/PC Performance

Note: Always do this trick with caution, disable only your antivirus if you really need more speed from your CPU, disconnect in internet or you still browse but be very sure not to visit suspicious sites and never download anything. And do not plug any storage device while your antivirus is disabled. Perhaps, this trick of boosting your PC’s performance is for advanced and experienced users only.

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  2. Now a days Computer is basic need of every one and as well as it uses by IT or non IT fields.Antivirus basic requirement of every computer in other words we can't think about it at uses of computer.it mainly effect that on computer means to say removes virus as well as speed.it gives lots of serviecs or features.

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  5. Disabling antivirus can free necessary RAM which can be assigned to some other important programs. On only antivirus but many other tools also consume necessary resources. I am a Mac Mac user and I remove unnecessary apps with Stellar Speed Up Mac.


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