Nuffnang is not showing Ads on your Blog?

Nuffnang is not showing Ads on your Blog?

Is Nuffnang not showing ads in your blog or your ad spaces are usually empty, and do not notice any increase in your earnings, or no earnings at all?

This is the main concern, problem or complaint of nuffnang users/bloggers and especially the new members. Nuffnang is now more used because it is very easy to get your blog approved and you can immediately put ads in your blog. But many bloggers’ mistake is that they expect ads to show immediately in their blog. In this article I will explain the reasons why ads do not appear in your blog.

For new members, or those who just registered and attached the ad codes, it will take at least 24 hours for the ads to appear in your blogs, but for new bloggers without any traffic or visitors in their blog, you cannot expect any advertisers to put show ads In your blog. You must at least have 20 or more unique visitors in your blog to attract advertisers and start earning.

Misplaced Ads
That’s for the traffic, and another big mistake of new nuffnang users is misplacing the ads, you should read and follow the instructions in nuffnang website in the implementing of the ads. If you placed an ad in the wrong place, you can’t also expect ads to show.
For now these are the two main things that are affecting the availability of ads in your blog.

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  1. You sure does have impressive ads from NN, I am having issues with NN for the past 48 hours, NN does not record any traffic, While I can see otherwise in my wordpress stats and my live traffic & Feedjit & Flagcounter. Already submitted three tickets from NN but no response.

    Do you, by any chance know why?
    Thank you

    1. thanks for your visit friend. am sorry to say but i didn't experience such problems with nuffnang but i've heard of some bloggers also with the same problem. They found out it's just a technical problem and it will soon get back to normal.

  2. I am having this observation too. For 3 months now, I think. No traffic for my nuffnang ads were recorded. No banners appearing, no nothing. I've got two site and both have nuffnang ad units but haven't seen anything from them. I don't know what is happening to nuffnang now. Any latest info regarding this? Or can you suggest whether to keep those ad units on my blogs or not?


  3. i don't believe your explanation. my blog got about 2000+ pageviews daily and about 1500+ unique views. this article is just a mere theory of yours.

  4. help me guys,, i dont know how to copy the code on my blogger :(


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