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Update: December 3, 2012, Nuffnang Philippines finally announced an update about their ATM service and also attached a glimpse of a model holding an ATM card labeled nuffnang. From their last announcements that they sent through e-mail to all bloggers last September, they are still choosing for Banks they will partner with, and now we know it is SECURITY BANK as indicated in the card.

They said this service will come true next year but no definite month and date, so we may expect further announcements. Can't wait to get hold of my own nuffnang ATM!!.

Earlier in the month of September, Nuffnang announced in their blog something about Nuffnang ATM and their plan of lowering the cashout threshold of the members to maybe 500 PHP and above. For many this is very good news, especially bloggers who do not earn much in one month, they can at least get a monthly payout with this method.

Nuffnang also said about Nuffnang ATM, this can also be a benefit for us members, if this will be put into operation, the process of payout will also be easier, but unless they put Nuffnang ATM booth nationwide we might not really get the most out of this new service.

From their blog announcement, they should give more details of this plans by the last days of October so we just have to wait for further announcements. And to end this this article I am thanking Nuffnang in advance for this good news for us bloggers.

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