Is Union Bank PH Compromised?

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I just receive a suspicious email with title: Union EON EBanking Facility, the sender is UBP EON Services, the message is saying that I should update my account information, from my first glance at the email message I already thought it was a spam because I have no account on UBP.

From the address of the sender I’d say it is authentic, it is from the email address of UBP official web domain Refer to image above.

This is a big proof that someone is using UBP email accounts illegally. They may not have manage their way to get the account information from the database so they are using email spamming instead to get them directly from the members. As from i observed they did not even get the members email addresses so the hackers are sending the spam emails in random.

Why I concluded it was a spam even if the sender address is real? Take a look at the screenshot below, the link where they want me to click and update my account information is not linking to UBP’s official website. It is from megalink and subdomained only to UBP. The link shown on the message seems official but the real link where it directs you is different. 

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You can check the true link of a text by hovering your mouse and look at the bottom of your web browser, if the link you see there is different from the link shown, there is a great possibility that it’s a scam.

This is the screenshot of the website where the link is pointing to. It is much different to UBP's official website

Based from these, Union Bank PH’s web server may have have been compromised, by the means that those who are behind this can use UBP's email address to send fraud messages to anyone and instruct them to update their account information. And if they enter their card number/Pin/password, these information will the be sent to the culprits hands and use them for some evil purposes.

If you received this email too and you have a UBP account don't ever click on the link and also take a moment to share this for anyone who might be a UBP account holder and be warned before it’s too late. As we know money is crucially involved here.

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