Is it Worth It to Advertise on PTC Sites?

Is it Worth is to Advertise on PTC Sites?
This article is for those companies who advertise their product or service online. This will help you decide whether or not to advertise on PTC sites.

PTC sites are those the same as advertising companies and advertisers also pay per how many clicks their ads will receive. The main problem here is that your ads will be shown to the viewer’s screens but their eyes will just be on the timer for the page to close and get their earnings. This is conventional process of PTC sites, if you still can’t see why you are paying for nothing here, the PTC members do not have any interest with the ads they are viewing, they just use PTC to earn and that’s all.

Advertising companies like adwords by google are much better and worth it to pay for advertising your products just because even so the amount of viewers maybe the same with PTC sites, the ads that pay on adwords are shown in blogs, website or any information sites, by the fact that google are strict with the websites where they put the ads are only those legit and no spams, so you can trust that your ads are only used legally. And for adwords the clicks your ads get are from those who are really interested with your product so you will only pay for creditable clicks. And for the viewers in general, you can expect that the people viewing your ads are those who are searching for information and not those who just land on your page and all they just wish for is the timer to end and close the page.

I did not write this article to confront PTC sites and discourage their advertisers; I’m just giving ideas where to advertise wisely and improve sales, that’s what advertising’s for right?

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