How to Increase Earnings in Nuffnang

How to Increase Earnings in Nuffnang 

Nuffnang is the first and most successful blog advertising company in Asia pacific/south east Asia. Most bloggers based on countries within should have signed up for nuffnang already. By now nuffnang is the highest source of income in my blog, As I said in my previous article about nuffnang, it might be the alternative to google adsense.

But for those who are using nuffnang and cannot notice their earning meter changing or ads do not appear in their blogs, they might done some mistakes they might have done some of the errors related to the following:

Put the ads in the right place

  This is the most common mistake of bloggers in implementing or putting the ad codes in their blog. This will result in blank ad spaces/no one will advertise on your blog. It is very clear in the instructions where to put the specific ad sizes. For instance the skycraper or the vertical rectangle should be paced in the top gadget in your sidebar, you can take a look in mine. As I observed before in my other blog you can put it whether in the left or right side side bar, just make sure it is on the top.

The second ad is the large rectangle, which must be placed every after a post. If you are not sure where to put the code in your template you can comment and I will make a separate article for that. Moving on, the best place to put it is exactly below the blog post, for me I placed it after a few gadgets but as I observed it's just fine, the place to never put it it on the very last space, even if ads will appear there, you will get a very low CTR.

And lastly the leaderboard or the long horizontal rectangle, it must be place below the main page menus of your blog, it might be above or below the header, or it's best to put in beside your header, it will have higher CTR their as for my observation.

Complete your site survey and blogger bio

  You must complete all the given questions either in the blogger bio or site survey. Doing these will also make your blog more likely to be chosen by advertisers to promote their products. You should put a good description of what your topic really is, and one tip I can give you for the site survey, in the checkboxes on "What products will your visitors will likely to buy" or something like that (i'm really that lazy to check it :D) for me I checked all the boxes, this can please all kinds of advertisers, if they see that they can advertise any product in your blog. But this is not compulsory for you, you may or may not do it.

And don't forget to concentrate in increasing local traffic for your blog

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  1. Thanks for sharing these practical tips on how to earn more from Nuffnang. Right now, this is the only ad I have in my site. I actually haven't completed my blogger bio. So, that's something that I should work on. :)

  2. Great article! I've always wondered why my earnings are stuck at 20 bucks! I really should correct my ad placements.


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