How to Identify Fake Log-in Pages

How to Identify Fake Log-in Pages

Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Paypal, these are some of the common sites we visit everyday, wherein we type in a username and password for us to access the website. But how sure are you that the page you are entering your account information is not a spam, fake, phishing page?. Many users had their passwords stolen because of being too reliant in fraud log-in pages. If a page where you enter you username and password is a fake one and when you click on submit or log-in, you are just sending your account information directly to the hackers’ hands.

How to know if it is a spam page

The design and layout of a web page (including text, color, images) can be easily imitated to the extent that you can’t see any difference at all. But one thing hackers can never replicate is the URL of the website (, you can check it In the address bar of your browser, but if for some who do not know exactly what is the real address of the website. See if the URL is secure (, this is the definitive trick to see if a web page you are trying to log-in to is real. Always make sure that you see https:// before the URL, https means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, unlike the ordinary http which is used by ordinary websites, perhaps those that are not log-in pages. So if you see a log-in page that is not in https, leave it immediately.

secure log-in page

And to prevent being victimized by these frauds, especially when using a public computer, don’t open facebook or yahoo in a link or shortcut provided anywhere in the desktop or in a bookmark, instead type directly in the address bar of the web browser.. And if you do not know the exact URL of the website, you can search it on google, select the most convincing one then again before logging in check if the address is secure.

Note: Don’t be suspicious of any website using http, https is mainly used only and should be used by all log-in pages and also online bank websites.

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