How to Get a Blogspot Blog Approved in Google Adsense

How to Get a Blogspot Blog Approved in Google Adsense

Do you have a blog but with subdomain in blogspot and want to apply in adsense?. If that blog is your first one, you definitely have to read this article. As for now google adsense doesn't approve blogspot subdomains, if you have a previous blog with your own top level or custom domain you can use your adsense account there and use it in your blogspot blog.

But for those new bloggers who have a blogspot blog only, here's my little story, I got the answer from a friend he got his adsense approved after almost 5 months, he also got disapproved many times before by the reason of "site doesn't meet program criteria" until a few months he applied again and finally approved. 

So for all blogspot users, you can wait for 5 months for your blogs to be accepted in google adsense or buy yourself a domain name, write original articles and you will surely get your adsense account approved in no time.

If you decide to wait, you can also use other google adsense alternatives, many of them are out there already.

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  3. My blog hosted in free blogger was adsense approved even though it was just five-month old. Total pageviews was also just above 500. Here's the link of my two blog and

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