How to Cheat on Exams at School

You're so naughty aren't you?. Just kidding, I bet almost all of us have tried to cheat on their exams, especially during our high school days, in college you will never have a chance to cheat and we all know that.

I did not write this article to convince everybody in cheating because we all know cheating is strictly prohibited, and you will just make yourself lazy and independent, if you finished high school by cheating on exams you will find it very hard to cope with college level, that's for sure. Moreover if you got caught, blame yourself not me ! :)

Even after reading that and you still want to cheat, you can try some of these crazy ways to get at least pass your school exams. I'm sure some of you already tried some of this tricks:

LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT METHOD- You can apply this approach in winters, or any other season that permits you to wear long sleeved shirts. Write up all the info on your forearms and cover them up with your long sleeves. When the time is ripe, just fold them up cautiously escaping the invigilator’s glare. 

SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR- Many of us do not know how to use a scientific calculator to cheat. Usually the Calc has a lot of info written on it(measurements,modes etc.) hence you can fox the invigilator by writing your content that matches the colour and font of the info present on the Calc. Apart from that, some Calcs’ come with memory storage, so you can save some important answers there

BATHROOM EXCUSE- Teachers usually allow students to go to the bathroom, in such a case you can pre-plan your cheating strategy by placing study material (pages,notes etc.) either in the pot tank or somewhere behind the pot.
Make sure you do not take too much time in there and do not go to the bathroom frequently while in an exam, that would be so suspicious.

Have some other tricks not listed here? Share it in the comments!

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