How to become Glitterati in Nuffnang

What is Nuffnang Glitterati and what benefits can you get from it

Being a Glitterati member in Nuffnang gives you a lot of benefits, on top of which is having higher earning potential. When you are a Glitterati member you are simply more prioritized in advertisers so your ads will be more actively running (displaying CPC or CPUV ads frequently).

By the way to check if you are Glitterati member you can just look at the top right side of your Nuffnang Dashboard, beside your username.

How to become Glitterati in Nuffnang

For new bloggers who just started monetizing their blog will not have any problem getting a Glitterati membership, that is if they have no other ads in their blog that are competing to Nuffnang, these ads are those from other companies within your country. If you have so, you will certainly get a non-glitterati status. And for bloggers who are glitterati before can also be removed from the club if they put ads like I said above.

And to regain Glitterati membership you might want to remove the ads displaying some products from your specific country. But that’s certainly up to you, you can use Nuffnang and other ads at the same time and stay a non-glitterati member, but if the other one we are talking about is not adsense then you can choose to use nuffnang only instead of using both.

Or simply, if you have google adsense you can use nuffnang with it even you aren't glitterati, because we know adsense still is the best choice and Nuffnang is next in line (just for ASEAN countries it is). But if you are non-glitterati just because you are using ads that are not performing as well as google adsense, you should definitely stick to Nuffnang Glitterati.

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