How to Add New/Next Line in Facebook Chat or Comments

How to Add New Line in Facebook Comments and Chat

This is a trick on facebook which some of you still might not know. And in this post I would want to share for you.

Wanna add a space between your messages neither in comments or in facebook chatbox without sending the message?.

Normally in MS Word or any typing program, you simply press enter to go to another line but in facebook when you press enter while commenting or chatting, your message will just be sent immediately and you'll just have to type another phrase in different comment, and this can be waste of time.

Also for facebook chat you might want to send a few lines or paragraphs but in the same group or one whole message composed of many spaced lines.

And to do that, you simply have to press shift+enter on your keyboard to add a new line or space between words or phrases. You can try it now to see for yourself.

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