How to Activate and Use MMS/GPRS/3G in SMART/GLOBE/SUN Philippine Telecoms

How to connect to the internet using your phone

All GPRS, MMS, and 3G enabled phone users should get the most of there phone by activating these services. In this article, I will show you how to activate your phone's internet capability. This tutorial is for SMART, GLOBE/TM, and SUN Cellular Network subscribers.

For SMART subscribers:
1. Activate your Sim Card:

Write a new message, type 3G ON and send to 333 or 211

Other options:

type GPRS ON and send to 333 or 211
type MMS ON and send to 333 or 211

2. Activate your Phone:

Write a new message again, type SET <space> <your phone's model ex. N70> then send to 211

example: SET N70 then send to 211

You will then receive the confirmation messages and the service settings for MMS, GPRS, and 3G, open and install each settings and if it prompts for a password type in 1234 as said in the confirmation message. If it asks something like "set as default connection?" choose yes, do this for all settings.

2. Lastly. restart your phone, open your phone's web browser and try to connect.

For GLOBE Subscribers:
How to Activate and Use MMS/GPRS/3G in SMART/GLOBE/SUN Philippine Telecoms

1.  Write a new message, type GO <space> <your phone's model> then send to 2951

example: Type GO N70 and send to 2951

2. You will the receive the confirmation message and settings, save and activate. If it asks for password type in 1234.

For SUN Cellular Subscribers:

How to Activate and Use MMS/GPRS/3G in SMART/GLOBE/SUN Philippine Telecoms
1. Write a new message, type in ACTIVATE then send to 2300

2. You will the receive the confirmation message and settings, save and activate.

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  1. so far i have a problem to set my gprs/mms of globe sim i try your globe procedure but it's not work it.. do you have other globe procedure/ options on how to set on my gprs/mms?

  2. kuya what if talk n text subscriber, nag pa register para sa internet. eh di talaga umepekto tong turo mo.

    1. parehas lang steps sa talk n text at smart ..bka naman gumagamit ka ng vpn ?

  3. Hello guys,

    Please help me with my problem. I registered my phone in POWERSURF TIME 15. But when I tried to navigate any website in my opera browser the output is always connection failed. I tried to configure the GPRS settings manually.
    The first thing that I did is I navigate my SIM settings and I go to the GPRS settings and after that it prompts a confirmation for what kind of mobile I am using. I typed Myphone A848 duo and press OK. Then via SMS message I recieved a message from 29511. It says "You have entered an invalid keyword. To get handset settings for FREE, text GO to 2951... etc..." then after that I tried also GO to 2951 and I got a message "Sorry, your phone is not compatible to recieve this setting... etc...". Next method that I did is, I browse in the internet for manual connection of GPRS in Globe. and I found an solution. Here's the manual configuration

    myGlobe INET APN Settings:

    Connection Name: myGlobeInet
    PSA: or no PSA
    Port: 80 or no Port

    myGlobeConnect APN Settings:

    Connection Name: myGlobeConnect
    PSA: or no PSA
    Port: 8080 Port

    I followed the steps correctly. And I always get the same error in connection. "CONNECTION FAILED"

    Please help me guys. What should I do.

    That's all thanks.

  4. help me solve this user po ako, with my samsung mini phone. dti wla nmn po ako problem using the internet on my phone..but the problem starts nung n block ung cp ko tas pinarepair ko..ndi ko alam kung may nbago s settings ko. then, i tried nmn i-open ang 3g/mms/internet and it said its already, nag unlisurf registration ako then i activated s settings ko ung mobile pocket data ok nmn sya. nung nag try ako mag surf ang tgal magload tas lge aappear yung msg na "no connection pls. retry" bkit gnon ..ok nmn ang signal..????PLS. HELP!!!TNX.GODBLESS.

  5. every tym i text 2951.. they said that: You have entered an invalid keyword.. etc..
    pls help me!! thanks!!

  6. Weird iyong sa akin. Sa Smart, I tried all of Step 1. But it prompts to this message:

    Sorry, your account is not allowed to avail this service.

    What shall I do then?

  7. ung akin nmn . nakaON na daw pero bakit ayaw lumabas ng 3g ,G , or H

  8. I am using galaxy s3 LTE..try ko mag register ng unlisurf sa 2200 but always sabi Invalid keyword help help

    1. Ako din... kahit sa ibang phone yung sim ko palaging invalid everytime nagpapa unli ako. May bagong way kung papaano. U call *143# at may mga options nalalabas tungkol sa mga unli.. try mo dun.

  9. help nman po..ayaw kc mgsend ng globe settings ko khit mg send ako ng GO sa 2951.puro ringtone lng send sa akin ehh..wala tlaga settings. ng try n din ako ng mnual settings kaso failed naman po. samsung I9220 china phone po cp ko. thanks.

  10. Hi, I have a new Cat B15 phone. When I use a Smart sim, I can get 3g signals. But when I use a Globe sim, it can only reach 2g and can't seem to find any globe 3g signals. Ironically, while on Globe, the phone recognizes Sun and Smart 3g networks but are just forbidden because it's a Globe sim. Is there a difference between the 3g bands that smart and globe uses?

  11. Very useful. Thank you for sharing this. Andami mong matutulungan sa mga post na gaya neto.

  12. Kelangan p dn po b iconfigure ang tablet kung s tablet iiinsert ang sim card?


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