How Important is it to Secure your Email Account

How Important is it to Secure your Email Account
For all of us who use online services and entertainment sites, most of these require us entering our email address in order for us to register in their website. And the most crucial cause of why we should secure our email account is online money or bank account holders or paying services like Paypal. If you lose or get your Paypal email account hacked, you will surely face a serious problem.

Also for the infamous social networking site Facebook, your email address is where you receive your Facebook account password details and changes. And if someone got possession of your email account they can also find their way to access your Facebook account, same goes for twitter, youtube, and other sites where you use your email account to log-in.

How to secure your email account

My tip to make your accounts in other sites safe, you should delete your email messages that contains your registration details or specifically log-in information, doing this can decrease the chances in case your email account have been compromised, the hacker cannot get hold your other accounts . But we should know prevention is better than cure, same with our internet life thus our email accounts.

Passwords not to use

The best tip I can give you to make your email account secure is by making your password stronger, to do this you should never use the words hackers call “dictionary words”. By this meaning literal dictionary words, those you can see in a dictionary, Webster dictionary perhaps to be explicit.

How to pick strong passwords

You can use “non-dictionary words”, could be combinations of different languages, numbers, special characters, mix also upper case letters, the longer and more complex, the better. But make sure you can remember It of course, it is useless to use a strong password of you will just forget it eventually.

How email account passwords are hacked

Most hackers and password hacking program use “dictionary attacks” where a code will be used to try all words found in a dictionary and try to use it in the log-in boxes, so common words are not recommended to use in your passwords. And anything related to you personally, with your office, school, also are not good choices.

Another way how hacker get their target’s password is by “social engineering”, this is directly approaching the target personally or by online networks. They just have to get your trust and slowly ask something like “what is your pet’s name?” or “what is the name of your favorite uncle?” remember this kind of questions? If you do you’re right this are your secret questions that you answer when signing for an account in Yahoo or Facebook. If you tried before to recover a lost or hacked account password, you must have seen that in order to reset or change your password you must have to answer this secret questions you answered during registration. So in Facebook for examplt if a stranger who recently added you as a friend asked you something related to this, never answer them and block that person immediately.

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