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Yes, you’ve seen it right. Now you actually earn money in Facebook. So while chatting with your buddies, you can earn money from facebook itself. It’s just like an ordinary facebook app or game. The name of the app is CloudCrowd, it is the first and longest running online job integrated on facebook. And definitely this is not a scam, I’m not that stupid to put my personal identity in this blog if I use it to scam people. This job is perfect but not limited to students who have internet connection and want to have extra money to spend.

And to make it clear, this is not a networking or pyramiding company, business or anything, as you earn from the jobs, not from selling.

What kind of jobs?
The jobs are very simple, it includes writing and editing/proofreading articles, categorizing items, researching, data entry, translating documents in different languages, and more. This is a pure online job, no investment needed.

sample of jobs in Editing category

How much can you earn?
If you really work hard, you can earn at least 200 USD weekly, but don’t expect to earn that big in your first days. Browse the available jobs to see the specific prices. At least in your first days you can earn 1-5 USD per day.

Who can work here?
Anyone who have a facebook account can work. And those who really are determined to earn money, above average internet knowledge, and should be able to understand and follow instructions.

Work Schedule?
You can always decide what time to work, just check if there are available jobs, but I recommend you to check often so that you will not miss the posted jobs.

Where to work?
You can work anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

How to start working
So to get you started here’s a step by step guide in making your account.

1.    Go to Cloudcrowd app, log-in to your Facebook account

2.    Click on Earn Money Now

3.    Fill up the necessary forms including full name, and paypal email address (This is where your payments will be sent)

          How to create a paypal account (skip to step 4 if you already have a paypal account)

         - Go to paypal.com
         - Choose your country and choose PREMIER..
         - Fill up all necessary forms...
         - Unchecked the "link my credit card" if you don't have a credit card.
         - Then click agree and create account 
         - Disregard the next page then click "go to my account"
         - Check your email to activate your paypal account.. 

4. Check the box to accept the terms then submit.

5. In order to start working on Cloudcrowd, you will have to take an english comprehension test to see if you can handle the tasks. To get started click on Available Work > Credentials > Writing. 

6. Click on English Comprehension Credential Test

7. If you pass the test you will receive an email.

8. Now go to Cloudcrowd Home: Click My Details to see your credential level

If your passing level is 4-5 you can now work! The easiest type of jobs for beginners is in Categorization. 

 - Later on you will also have to take other credential tests like in Editing category also to unlock the other high paying jobs.

For example if you see something like this when trying to open jobs in Editing, go to Available Work > Credentials > Editing, then select Credential Test - English Editor

After you finish and pass the test, you can now do the jobs in Editing Jobs section.

Get started right away, create a Cloudcrowd account here

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  6. I have passed the level 4 in the english comprehension test and I'm trying to click the available work but nothing happened...what do you think is the problem? I followed all your instructions.


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