Disadvantages of Using Cracked/Pirated Softwares or Programs

Disadvantages of Using Cracked Softwares/Programs
Cracked or the "Pirated Edition" softwares are those softwares that are illegally registered to be used as the same as the paid/original version of the program, most softwares have a free version with limited features and the developer require the users to buy a full version after a certain duration of program usage.

These kinds of softwares are rapidly spreading in download sites just because of demand, most people prefer downloading and using cracked softwares than buying the paid versions. The software developers can’t do anything to stop software cracking and illegal distribution, this is the main reason why most paid softwares are always updating version, this is to force the users to get the new paid version, but software crackers unfortunately always manage to create a crack for the updated softwares.

Who are the people cracking programs, and what might their purpose be?, it is certainly just for fame because they can't sell the cracked software of course, if you buy a cracked software you are crazy. But crackers think that for example they put their name in a software like "cracked by ****" and they expect the users to thank them for that, they are dead wrong, users do not care who cracked the software, for them only is to use the software for free. But I must say software crackers are pretty talented, being able to crack a software is not an easy job, and instead of using their skills in cracking which can actually and eventually put them in a hall of fame (jail, "wanted" photo in Yahoo front page, or busting their butt to pay fines) they should use it to create even better software than what they are cracking and sell them instead.

Disadvantages of cracked softwares, illegall serials/product keys, key generators?. Surely many users don’t really had an idea about this, cracked softwares do not have any support from the software developer, these support includes program updates, security, and stability. 

No support or cannot be updated
Most cracked softwares dot not have or blocked the function to update. You certainly have to wait or download new cracks for the new versions.

People take advantage of the demand of free softwares so they even create fake cracks that contain viruses, and they instruct the users to disable their antivirus before using the crack, but don't risk your computer, unless you are capable enough to troubleshoot any damage to your system.

Cracked softwares can also just annoy the user by the popups saying that the software is illegally acquired something like that. Especially applications that you use in your work or in a very important project, if the software detects an illegal crack or serial is used, it might just suddenly close and your work will be deleted.

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  3. Very true, cracked software can also steal your information or passwords from browser.


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