Dota Cheats for LAN/Single Game/Garena

Here is the complete set of new cheat commands you can use for Warcraft III Dota. AI or Non-AI

-lvlup n-lvlup 25
Levels up your hero
-levelbots n-levelbots 5
Levels up all bots
-gold n-gold 15000
Gives you gold
Resets cooldowns and gives full hp/mana
Respawns your hero
Spawns creeps instantly
Spawns neutrals instantly

Disables lane creep spawning. Use -enablecreepspawn to undo this change.
Sets timer to 0:00, creeps starts.

Gives vision for both teams. Use -normalvision to undo this change.
Kill all creeps.
Destroys all wards.

Removes cooldown, Mana cost etc. Use -unwtf to undo this change.
Displays AI status.
-timescale n
-createhero <unit_name> [enemy]-createhero npc_dota_hero_lion
-createhero npc_dota_hero_lion enemy
Creates specified unit [as enemy]

This command does not really behave the way it should. 
-item <item_name>-item item_blink
Gives specified item

-givebots <item_name>-givebots item_blink
Give all bots the specified item.

List: See above.
Displays ping time with server.

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