Types of Exams/Tests to Take when Applying in a Call Center

What are the Types of Exams/Tests when Applying in a Call Center

Call center is the fastest growing company mainly in the Philippines. Almost every day call center companies are hiring new employees. If you are one of them and searching the web for the types of exams in call center application you are in the right place. As we should all know it’s like 5 every 100 applicants are only hired in every application extent, this is because of lack of knowledge in the type of interviews or exams you will be undergoing. In this article I will let you know the common exams in call center application process. There are generally 7-10 exams in call center application, namely:

1.       Basic English comprehension test
2.       Pronunciation test
3.       Grammar test
4.       Computer and internet literacy test/software and hardware
5.       Mock call exams - sales test
6.       US geography test

If you want to pass a call center application, you might want to start learning and gaining expertise to these modules.

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  1. This is helpful to those call center applicants to prepare before taking an exam and have the chance to pass all types.


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