Why Are We Addicted to Online Games?

Why Are We Addicted to Online Games?

You might be interested is this article if you are an online gamer like me (and trust me you will really relate), or just want to know why some of you friends or someone you know is addicted to these games.

Online games makes most people crazy, from the number of facebook users almost all are playing online games in facebook. And we can really say that many people are addicted to online games, just by walking to an internet cafe, you can barely see web browsers open, almost all are games. In this article I just want to show you the effects of playing online games and how it change the way of living for others.

First, with the positive effects - This just answer the question

1. We forget our problems when we are playing specially when we are playing with a group of friends.

2. Simply the joy, fame, also cash rewards we get when you are playing and getting high rankings or recognition's. Almost all online games companies and managers nowadays conduct tournaments and give prizes to winners, not just cash prizes that the players are wanting from these tournaments but the fame they receive, I mean they will be known by all players.

3. Past time when you are at home and cannot go out, this are the time of bad weathers, when you are sick, or just do not feel going out.

4. Establish new friends and even a community, this are the friends you are actually playing with and those whom you met in the games - in chats, forums, communities, that are even those from other countries.

5. You can express and freely do what you want, almost every game we ever imagined is available now, this is why every people have their own online game choice.

6. Well this the positive effect for the companies and for game programmers. It is just like a give and take for the game manufacturers and players. Online gamers just make the computer game creators and companies richer, also our internet provider, internet cafes, computer manufacturers, they trade it with entertainment.

And the negative effects:
Why Are We Addicted to Online Games?

1. Health, It's really not necessary to emphasize with this one, even all of us know it, we still so play computer games even half a day and more for others, bad effects to our health, as i have heard this includes, eye problems, finger or bone problems etc., psychological effect, maybe some other health experts can explain all these :)

2. Money, you already know this and like the first one even we lose all our money when we go out, the other day we do it again. That's how simple it is.

3. Waste of time, we will certainly lose our time  for school, loved ones, and other important things or events. Here's a very popular phrase for Filipino SF players there, I saw it many times in the players chatbox "Ibagsak ang edukasyon ipang SF ang baon", players just take a joke but i think those who are fund of these jokes are the kids that really don't know anything about money, I'm sure they're kids because by how they play, they play like noobs or first timers.

4. Trash talks, Maybe for adults this is very normal but online game do not have age restrictions, kids easily learn unpleasant words when playing online games specially those games with chatboxes where players can type anything.

Well this is my own opinions and from my experience as an online gamer only, I maybe wrong with these and certainly there are lots of things i missed but the comment box is open for any reaction.

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