Why are Facebook and Youtube Free?

Why are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc free to use?
If until now you don't know the answer for this or just want to know why, you must definitely read this article. 

Anyone might have asked this, for we know even our internet connection we must pay for it, how come Facebook and Youtube are free to use, as we know just for the domain name (facebook.com) and the web hosting (Where they store our photos and videos) costs them millions and for the fast increasing of users their storage might be increasing by Terabytes also. I'll just make it simplier it is just like a bag if it gets full you should buy a bigger one, for facebook by the number of users hundred millions of photos are unploaded everyday.

How expensive is website making and management

For those who do not know how websites are made and how much the owners invest before we can use there services for free. The very first thing that they should pay is the web hosting where the prize depends on the size of the database, so the longer the website is running and as the number of files is stores in their database they also have to pay for it.

Also for their services and their workers that makes Facebook and Youtube possible for us, they definitely also pay for them.

So, How come they're free?

This is just a simple question with a simple answer, the main reason why they Facebook and Youtube are still alive are the sponsors or the advertisements that shows in the website. For example in Facebook you will see the in the right side the sponsored ads showing everytime. And also for Youtube ads show up in between the video playbacks.

All websites have this ads unless they let you pay or be called a premium member before using their site. You might also received this viral message before in Facebook users that Facebook will soon have membership types: Silver and Gold membership where you will pay for an amount and you will have special access to some services and features, etc. Annoying right?, so if there are no sponsors to Facebook this may come true.

How to keep it that way

Now you know why you see ads in your favorite website. So don't hate ads because they are the reason why we have Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and all the entertainment site we are using today. 

And for those who are using some ad blocking softwares, I strongly do not recommend using and promoting these programs, because if the time comes that all people will use this kind of softwares that's also the time we will say goodbye to Facebook and all free to access websites. 

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