Things That Are Slowing Down Internet Connection Speed

Things that are Slowing Down Internet Connection Speed
The main causes of internet connection slow down

If you are experiencing connection slow downs that are not happening before or you think that you are not getting the maximum speed of the ISP you are using, you might want to check this article. I wrote the top things that are affecting the speed and stability of your internet connection.

1. ISP itself
Most Internet Service Providers also encounter problems in their operations and causing interruptions with their service. If you always experience connection drop outs, you may call your ISP and ask for support or just move to another and see who can give the best service. But before doing that try to read this full article first and see the cause of your problem. For wireless users (wi-fi, wireless modem) always monitor your reception, it has the most impact in your internet speed.

2. Low Computer Hardware Specifications
Your PC hardware also have a great role with the performance of your internet connection. You may want to upgrade your computer's processor or RAM if you think your current specs are below standards. Most ISP would tell you or you can ask them what is the minimum computer specifications in using their service. 

3. Virus Infections
Viruses can also greatly affect the speed of your computer and same with internet speed. The simplest way to make sure this won't make you a problem is to install and update your antivirus software.

4. Changed/Misconfigured System Settings
This includes the registry, msconfig and other configurations that most users experiment with, by try to increase performance. A small error in the codes or settings will cause a big damage or instability of your computer. To avoid this don't try to manually configure these settings if you are not so sure what you are doing.

5. Hidden Programs that are using your internet connection
Example for these programs are those that automatically update or download patch files without you knowing it. You may want to check your system tray for applications that are automatically updating and disable them and do the updates manually instead.

6. Time of the day
Local time always matters a lot specially for slow connections. And many of us might already know this, The time of the day where you get the fastest internet connection speed is between 12 AM to 12 PM. This is also based on my own experience, this is simply because most people use the internet during daytime.

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