Is it really important to 'Safely Remove USB Drives'?

Almost all windows users might be doing this. They waste their time clicking on the 'Safely Remove Hardware' in the system tray before unplugging their USB Devices. If your like so you must read this article, you might be also wasting extra clicks all the time.

Here's the question, Is it really necessary?.
As many were saying just unplugging your USB device will lead to data corruption or hardware problems but this is not true at all.

You can just unplug it right away you are finished with what you are copying or reading from the device.

But to make sure you should check this first:

1. Plug your USB drive into your PC, then open My Computer
2. Right click on your USB Device and click on Properties > Hardware > Then find your USB Device on the list.
3. Select it then click on Properties.
4. Click the Policies tab, you should see something like this:

5. If the first option, Quick removal, is already selected, you're good to go. As noted in its description, "you can disconnect the device safely without using the Safely Remove Hardware notification icon." If Better performance is selected, switch to Quick removal and click OK.

Don't be bothered by the better performance that it is saying in the second option there. I have tried enabling that before but i can barely feel the effect. So you can just trade the little performance improvement for the time you will consume in clicking the safely remove hardware and sometimes waiting for so long before it says you can now remove your USB device.

And let me tell you the reason for data or file corruption are viruses, so you should be cautious in plugging your USB storage in any PC specially if it contains some valuable data.

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