How to Prevent Blogspot Blog from being Deleted by Google/Blogger

How to prevent/avoid your blog from being deleted

Many bloggers are discouraged to use blogspot or blogger as their bloging platform because of what others are saying that if you use blogspot you will not own your content and google can delete your blog at any time.

I say only half of it is true. Why? It's so certain that google deletes some blogs but this is because of many scam content or links in the blog, and this is almost one i a million. Who want's to put scams in their blog by the way?. As I know bloggers are blogging to provide information and specially to earn money from it and those who  blog to scam people just deserves to be banned. And from my entire blogging life i actually once heard a blog, It is one of the most trafficked blog that time until it's deleted by google, and the reason is spam.

By the way let's go directly to the main topic here. It's very simple to prevent your blog from being deleted. Just make sure you never post scam links in any place in your blog. You might want to check all links before putting in your page. The safest way also to prevent accidentally posting of scam links is not joining auto link or traffic exchange sites. This is a very big mistake new blogger always do. They think auto link exchange sites will automatically increase their blog SEO.

As we know backlinks are very important in SEO of our blogs but low quality or scam links can also greatly decrease our ranking. The best and wisest way to link exchange is to approach some bloggers or website owners and offer them link exchange. In that way you can always check if the blog you are linking is safe and also monitor if they still have your links in their blog. Offering link exchange in your blog is also one great idea.

Another important thing to do is to enable comment moderation in your blog. Doing this can give you many benefits, aside from filtering those who are posting scam links, you can also monitor those who are just commenting to promote their blog and approve those comments that are related to your article only.

And with the issue of you not owning your blogspot or blogger blog. If you have seen the backup/restore feature of blogger, just by this it will change our old thoughts that we do not own our blog. I mean you can always backup your blog and template and restore them anytime you want. 

Moreover blogger is the best free blogging platform for me and I personally recommend it. I do not force people to use or move to blogger but i respect that we all have our own choices.

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