How Much Can Bloggers Earn From Nuffnang Philippines

In this article I will show you how much your earning potential is for joining Nuffnang.

Nuffnang can be considered the best alternative to google adsense if most of your blog's traffic is coming from your own country. Nuffnang is currently available for 7 countries and regions only (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand)  

In Nuffnang, there are two types of ads;

First the CPUV or Cost per Unique Views Ads

Here your earnings will depend on how many unique visitors you will have in your blog, if you open your account in Nuffnang you can see there the statistics in your blog, it's kind of like a traffic monitoring. 

And how many visitors should you get to get a certain amount?

Here's what i observed in my earnings:

If you have 1000 unique visits a day, you will earn more or less 100 PHP, but that's for a single ad only, remember Nuffnang has 3 types or size of ads, if you have placed all the three types of ads in your blog and all will be running with CPUV ads, you can earn more than 300 PHP a day with 1k unique visitors.

You can check how many your unique visitors a day on your nuffnang account at the blog stats menu.

And the second one is CPC or Cost per Click Ads

Your earnings here will depend on how many of your visitors have clicked your ads.

And according to my earnings you can earn .20 - 1 USD or 10 - 30 PHP with each click you receive. That's also much higher compared to other CPC Ads.

The only thing with Nuffnang actually is that most of your visitors should be from the country where you registered your account, because you will just get a very low CTR (Click Through Rate) or slow earnings if it's not. This is because the Ads that will show will be from the companies and products in your country, and there is very small possibility that a visitor from other country will be interested with the ads.

Also you may expect that no or less ads will show up if your traffic is more from foreign countries or is very little.
Nuffnang is not showing Ads on your Blog?

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  1. bro bakit walang lumalabas na Php sa account ko kahit maramai ma ko unique click.. pls replythanks..

    1. baka unique visits lang yan bro ..hnd click .

  2. Hello bro, I just started blogger, curious ako sa views kailangan ba mameet ko yung 1000 views para lang makakuha ng earnings sa nuffnang? I get atleast 40 - 50 lucky to get 100 views a day.

    1. pag kaka join mo pa lang sa nuffnang least may 20 unique views ka per day 2 weeks bago mafully approved yan ng nuffnang .pero para feasible ang kita klangan tlga more 1000k+ ang unique visitors mo per day dapat pag magmomonitor k ng unique views, sa nuffnang ka magbase ..hnd sa blogger .

  3. I love the perks of being a member of Nuffnang PH. Mas malaki pa yung halaga ng prizes na nakukuha ko kesa sa actual earnings from blog traffic :)


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