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What should you use in your PC, Antivirus or Deep Freeze?
When to use Deep Freeze?
Why use Deep Freeze or Antivirus?

If you are confused by how deep freeze and antivirus are compared you might want to read this.

Antivirus and Deep freeze are both used for computer security and stability, but they are greatly different in many ways too.

I'm sure we all know the function of an antivirus software installed in our computer, it is to protect it from any threat coming from the internet or directly from other devices connected. Deep freeze can be also considered as a way to secure your computer because it's job is to prevent the user from changing system configurations, creating or deleting files and all things that can be changed in your PC can be prevented by using Deep Freeze.

So if a system has deep freeze installed you cannot save, delete files (you can delete and save files but if you restart the system the saved files will be gone and the deleted files will show again).

Deep freeze are commonly used in internet cafes, because by the number of strangers that are using the computer units you cannot monitor them all and say to them not to delete something and not to change any settings. For some people also with computers that are very slow and cannot run antivirus softwares, you can use deep freeze instead but be sure you know very well how to use the program, many people loose their saved files because they forgot to unfreeze their system first.

But for Antivirus software it it recommended to be used by people with their personal computers, it is not recommended for you to install deep freeze to your own PC unless you want to unfreeze and freeze everytime you want to alter your files. 

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