Can you Really Get Backlinks by Adding your Links When Commenting on Blogs?

Can you really get Backlinks by adding your links when commenting on Blogs?

Is adding your links in your comments to other blogs give you quality backlinks?

Answer: NO

Most SEO blogs are saying that adding your links in your comments to other blogs will give you backlinks and increase the SEO of your own blog, but this time you should already know that this is not working, you are just wasting your time specially if your comments are unrelated to the blog post.


For you to know Blogger has added ''no-follow" tags to the comment section of blogger blogs this means the link will juts be ordinary ones, and google bots will not crawl them.

So it may be classified as promotion instead, not for getting backlinks, if you put your blog links on the comments, I mean the purpose is just to persuade the readers to click on your link and visit your blog, so you should compose a informative comment that is related to the blog post and ask them to visit your blog to get more info.

Another thing, Google is now getting more perceptive in the backlinks to your site. They only consider quality backlinks - the "do-follow" ones. These may include the links added by the blog owner himself in blog roll or partner links.


Don't be disappointed upon read this article, I do not discourage you in commenting to blog posts and adding your links, but comment only the relevant ones and do not comment only just for the sake of promoting your own blog.

That's it, Happy blogging!

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  1. I agree with this. Because of attribute rel="nofollow" many bloggers now are hard to get a backlinks. But still possible to get backlinks in comment EVEN the blog is using the attribute.


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