How to Attach and Send Files in Facebook Chat

I've been asked by my friend just now on how to attach a file in Facebook. So i thought of sharing the steps for those who are still searching for it.

The new feature of attaching and sending files in facebook chat is very useful, it enables us to send photos, videos, mp3, and any other documents privately to our Facebook friends.

This is a very simple trick that many of us still don't know until now, that's because it is hidden in the standard Facebook chat box. There's actually a secondary chatbox in facebook wherein you can attach and send any file you want easily. But I'm pretty sure Facebook is working on a way to provide us the attach file option in the standard chat box.

Well then, to get that follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Open up the chat box to whom you want to send a file.

2. Click on this icon on the upper corner of the chatbox. 
How to Attach File in Facebook Chat

UPDATE: You can now directly click on add file and choose to send and that's it!

Or the old method:

Click on See Full Conversation

3. And on the new window that will appear see for the icon that looks like hair pin. Click on it then select the file you want to attach an then click on open. It will show immediately in a few seconds. Just click on reply to send the file.
How to Attach File in Facebook Chat

Update: Facebook added captions for Add Files and Add Photos to make it more visible

That's it you can also attach many files at once as you wish. 

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