What is AUTORUN.INF | Is it a Virus?

There are actually two kinds of AUTORUN files, the safe and malicious ones. In this article i will show you how to identify and delete autorun viruses.

What does AUTORUN.INF do?
They are used to automatically start any program (safe or not) when a the device is inserted to a system.

Sometimes you would see a file named autorun in your USB Flash Drive or other storage devices. And to make the explanation short all autorun.inf that appears or automatically copied in your Flash Drive are all made by viruses to execute or start any hidden malicious code. Thus, all autorun.inf you find in your Portable Storage devices (Storage devices inserted in multiple computers like USB Flash Drive, Memory Card, external DVD's, etc) are viruses.

But for Installer CD's they also use autorun.inf files to start the main executable of the installation, But the autorun.inf found in CD's that contains installer programs are safe.

AUTORUN.INF in Flash Drives, Memory Cards, External Hard Disks and other portable devices are malicious. You should remove them immediately or scan with antivirus.

While AUTORUN.INF in CD's and DVD's containing installers are safe.

Note: You cannot always trust installer CD's with autorun.inf, some may also contain viruses so don't take the risk, install and update your antivirus software before inserting any storage device.

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