Play High-End Games on slow Computers

Play High-End Games on slow Computers

Do you experience lags when playing your favorite games on your PC. This is common to many specially with those who have low system specifications.

So instead of:
Taking the risk of overclocking you PC
Buying new or upgrading system

You can try this software. I do not own this software and i'm not responsible for any damages in your system due to misuse of the program.

You can also try this software even you have high system spec's.

The software is called 3d analyzer that you can use to reduce those hangs in playing your games.

DOWNLOAD 3d Analyze
Compatible for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

How to use:

1. Download and extract the zip file.
2. Open the 3DAnalyze.exe file.
3. First Click on Select and find the main .exe file of the game you want to play. In the image it is War3.exe for dota.
4. Check these boxes:
    - force SW Tnl
    - emulate HW Tnl caps
5. Find the box beside VendorID and type this (4098)
5. Type this also in the box beside DeviceID (20812)
6. Then Click on run to start the game

Another useful tip: Before running your games close first all programs running in your system, including your anti-virus softwares (be sure to enable again after playing).

See the image below for reference

You can also experiment on the other check boxes but be careful, pick and enable the options cautiously.

Again I do not own this software and i have no responsibility for any damages caused by wrong usage.

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  1. pareng idol? tested mo po b to? gusto ko sanang itry.. hehe. dkaya mkasira sa lappy ang overclocking or using this software?

    1. yup gamit ko dn toh yan at hnd nman sya overclocking kc software lang sya .


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