Kinds of Facebook Spams | Be Aware and Don't Risk your Account

One thing we dislike about Facebook are the annoying spams that only deceive people to click and share some fraud.

I made this article to inform you the kinds of Facebook spams and avoid being victimized.

These spams say that they will give or show you something very interesting whatever but the truth is they just use your identity to spread some nonsense even viruses to your Facebook friends.

The main thing that could happen when you click on these is you will be automatically posting nonsense in others' profile page, tag nonsense photos and videos to your friends, automatically send nonsense PMs to anybody without you knowing it, and the most crucial is your account can be compromised.

So here are examples of Facebook spams that you should never believe:

1. Apps that will show you who and how many visited your profile/"stalkers".

This is part of privacy and security for Facebook users. Knowing the people who and how many viewed your profile is not allowed.

2. Apps or pages that will give you free gadgets.
I for one never heard of winners of gadget giveaways posted on Facebook. Commonly it is in a form of a contest wherein you are required to like a photo and Facebook Page to participate. But most of them are doing this just to attract likes.

3. Apps or pages claiming to be Facebook authorities that spread false information.
Facebook never use app notification or chat box to tell you Facebook infos and updates. They will be shown directly on your homepage not in your notifications.

So if you don't want to be bothered by these spams, better share this to your friends.

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  1. Well spams cannot be eliminated either by social media or e-mail. Perhaps 5 Signs That I am a Social Network Addict is important too in addition to your query.

  2. very well said sir.


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