How to open Facebook or any blocked websites In School/Office or in an Internet Cafe Computer

Some college, office, internet cafes, or any public PC do not allow you from accessing facebook, youtube, redtube :> or any entertainment sites. Actually it's very simple to cheat those securities and unblock these sites in a certain PC by trying these simple tricks. Try any of these and comment what's working for you.

Option 1: 
Try to open the website's alternative address.

eg. for Facebook:

Type or instead of in your web browser's address bar. If it doesn't work, try these:

Option 2: Change DNS Address
This trick has slightly complicated steps but i can tell you it's the 100% working one.

For Windows XP Users:

Click on Start > Control Panel > Find Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections and right click on connection you’re using and click again on properties and then TCP/IP.

Find and check "Use the following dns addresses:"

Then type these on the two boxes: 

Or try

Then Click OK.

For Windows 7 Users:

Click on Start > Control Panel > Find Network and Sharing Center 

Click on Change Adapter Settings on the left sidebar
Right click on connection you’re using and click on Networking tab.
Click on Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
Click on Properties

Find and check "Use the following dns addresses:"

Then type these on the two boxes: 

Or try

Then Click OK.

Option 3: Using a Software

Search and download the software called UltraSurf on Google. 

Open the program and wait till it says "successfully connected to server", You can now browse any blocked website.

I have tested these tricks and they are perfectly working and very safe unless you get caught by your professor, boss or the cafe owner :) 

If you can't make it work you can comment your problems below.

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