How to make Google Chrome Browser even Faster

We all know Google Chrome is yet the fastest web browser and it is most favored web browser also because of it's simple and easy to use interface. In this article i will show you how to speedup your chrome and make it even faster and improve your internet experience.

This guide is for latest version of Google Chrome - version 20

Here are few tips to speedup your Chrome browser:

1. Disable DNS Preload in Google Chrome

This will prevent Google Chrome from keeping DNS info in it's cache. This trick is unnecessary if you have a fast internet connection of at least 256kbps or higher. It is recommended only for slow dial up connections or mobile users.

To disable this open your Google Chrome browser

- Click on the wrench icon on top right

- Scroll to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings and see below Privacy

Uncheck these first 2 checkboxes:

'Use a web service to help resolve navigational errors'
'Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in address bar'

2.  Disable anti-phishing filter 
This is recommended for experienced and advance users. Do this trick only if you can identify phishing or spam sites. If your not sure what this means and want to keep safe don't disable this option.

This trick can also reduce your CPU and internet bandwidth usage.

To disable this open your Google Chrome browser

- Click on the wrench icon on top right

- Scroll to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings and see below Privacy

Find and uncheck ‘Enable phishing and malware protection’.

3. Disable unused functions

There are some functions of google chrome that slows it down, and are mostly unnecessary
Disable-dev-tools – This will disable Developers tool which is not used by a normal user for sure.
Disable-logging – This will disable logging of browser activity, This log files are useful only in case of crashes and you may want to troubleshoot. But in general you don’t need these log files. By disabling this option you will certainly save CPU, RAM and Hard disk space.
Disable-metrics-system – This option will disable gathering of Usage Statistics data. This is used by Google and we don’t need it any how so you can safely disable this option.
Disable-metrics-reporting – If you disabled Metrics system there is no point in keeping Metrics reporting On, as there won’t be any data to send across. Disable it for sure.

To disable this functions 
- Go to your desktop and find your Google Chrome icon
- Right click and select properties
- Select the shortcut tab
- Click inside the textbox beside target and use your right arrow keys and go to the end
- In there type this line
For Windows 7 users:
   copy this line -disable-logging -disable-metrics-system -disable-metrics-reporting click  after chrome.exe put a single space then paste.
For Windows XP users:
  click between chrome.exe and " then paste this -disable-logging -disable-metrics-system -disable-metrics-reporting
- Click OK when done
These tips should atleast make your google chrome browser faster and more responsive.

Note: There are many things that affect your internet speed like: ISP and PC hardware, this guide is just to speedup your chrome browser.

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