Dota Hotkeys Latest Version Download Free

Dota Hotkeys Latest Version Download Free
Direct Download Free Dota Hotkeys by Vinthian 
No Virus | Finest Version
Mediafire Link Size: 202 KB
For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Instructions/How to Use:
2. Extract the zip file
3. Find the folder and open the file dotahotkeys
-For windows 7 users: Right click > run as administrator. 

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Alt + Z = numpad 1
Alt + X = numpad 2

Alt + A = numpad 4
Alt + S = numpad 5 
Alt + Q = numpad 7
Alt + W = numpad 8

Quick chat:
F5 = -so
F6 = -clear
F7 = -ma
F8 = -afk

- To change hot keys and quick chat commands. Right click on the system tray icon, see image below.

download free dota hot keys

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