Use your Android Phone as Internet Modem for PC

Android has become a way of life for many. From communication, gaming, multitasking,swift net access to anything and everything that humans can imagine is feasible on Android!

While connecting to the internet on your Android is a piece of cake,connecting to the internet on your PC using Android is not a herculean task.

Here are the steps to connect to the internet on your PC using the data connection on your Android:

1. First of all, turn on the data connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G) on your Android device.
2. Connect your device to your PC using USB cable.
3. Open Settings > Wireless & Network >Tethering & portable hotspot.
You’ll get a screen like this:

4. Put a check mark on the USB tethering box.
5. Verify if your device is showing the BLUE USB icon on the notification bar.
6. If the phone drivers are properly installed on your PC,it will show that it’s connected to
“AndroidNet NDIS Adapter”.

NOTE: You can verify your connection by opening device manager on Windows or Mac OS.Also make sure that your PC is not connected to any other net connection while utilizing this feature.

By following these simple steps you can convert your Android device into an internet modem. Apart from USB tethering there is also the option of “WiFi Hotspot” that enables your Android to act as a WiFi hub.

These amazing yet simple features make Android stand out in the constantly evolving and competitive OS market.

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