How To Disable Annoying Game and App Requests/Notifications On Facebook

Disable Annoying Facebook Game and App Notifications

I'm sure all of you hate those stupid game and app requests that flood your notifications. If you use facebook for connecting with people, then you’re just like me. 

"Stop sending me game requests"
"I hate game requests"

These are the common complaints of Facebook users.

An here are the reasons why you are getting these notifications. 

1. You used that app before or its partner apps and they’ve recorded your facebook id for future notifications. 

2. Your friend actually invites you to uses these apps or games.

3. Spamming apps that automatically send requests without the user's permission.

You can try this three options and see what works for you:

Option 1:

- Click on small down arrow at top right corner and select privacy settings.
- Scroll down and click on ‘edit your settings’ under applications and websites. 

- Here you can see an option to turn off your spamming apps and even a option to turn off all apps with a single click.

Option 2:

Facebook doesn’t let you block notifications from new stupid apps. But with this trick you can stop getting notifications from that specific new app forever.

When you see notification from new app. 

- Click on ‘see all notifications
- Hover your pointer over that notification and you can observe an X mark on the right. 
- Click on it and select ‘change setting’. Then you can find a option to block that app forever.

Option 3:

This is similar to the second option, 

- Click on ‘Apps and Games’ on bottom of your facebook left sidebar. 
- Now click on X mark on right of your request app and click on ‘block app’.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such useful information. I own a facebook account & love to chat with my friends but these notifications!!!! I was just irritated with many kind of useless notifications in my account and wanted to stop them & the above trick helped me a lot.
    Thank you so much


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