Facebook vs. Twitter | Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Networking becomes more popular day/day, where Facebook & Twitter have their equal importance in the increasing popularity of Networking all over the world. So, here is the detailed description of Facebook Vs Twitter.

Why People choose Facebook?

Facebook has an appealing nature with different features like Email, Facebook Chat, Image and video sharing, Friends etc... at one single place. So users has no best option to have all these facilities at one place which make them feel Facebook more useful.

These days, FaceBook is becoming as a single alternative to all these facilities with single login. The explosive growth of Facebook made the company to invest $ 200 million in upgrading their data centers last year due to demand.

Facebook Advantages:

- Easily find people, make connections
- Most people can quickly find it easy to use
- Can have both private and public connections.
- Rapidly growing Users
- Can install third party applications, give gifts, advertising etc...

Facebook Disadvantages:

- More difficult to navigate and update information
- Requires more time to get benefit out of it
- No immediate responses unless you stay logged in continually

Why People Love Twitter?

Though the facilities provided by Facebook are not available in Twitter, many people find it a best place to hangout. When we ask people why they love twitter, they say like "I can get the answers instantly using twitter". Actually, twitter is mostly used by Bloggers, Internet marketers, evangelists who choose to promote their products/sites.

Twitter gives the ability of constant linking out to anywhere and in that respect, is more anagolous to a pure search engine. So, we can call twitter as a "Search Engine" as it provides the information when we search.

Advantages of Twitter:

- Easy navigation
- Can promote anything we like
- Anyone can follow anyone unless blocked
- Best search engine
- Interactive and Messaging platform using open APIs.
- More scalable than facebook

Disadvantages of Twitter:

- Limited functionality
- Message box limited to 140 characters per update
- Not all people can use it effectively and many more...

We cannot say exactly the best site in between Twitter and Facebook as they both have pros and cons equally. But, will either Twitter or Facebook become the next Google? is the question that had no answer unless the time have come.

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