How to Remove Scratches on your Mobile Screen With Toothpaste

If you’re like me, who puts a lot of things in your pocket with your phone. You’ll probably have a lot of scratches on your mobile. Be it a car or phone it always burns your heart to see scratches. Though using a good quality screen guard helps you avoid scratches. But as i said, if you’re like me you’d peel that off too after some time. Sooner or later Scratches are inevitable. One thing you could do about these to buy displex, a scratch removing lotion from mobile or sunglasses store. But you can also your toothpaste which works the same way displex does.

> Apply a pea amount of toothpaste on the screen. and gently rub in circles with a soft wash cloth or a tissue paper. Leave it to dry for a minute and gently remove paste with a damp cloth. If it doesn’t work try again, and if still doesn’t use a displex as i mentioned above. Have Fun!!

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