How To Make a Shutdown Timer For Your PC Without Using Any Software

Do you have situations where you are sleepy or you have some work somewhere and you are waiting for something to finish in your computer, and you want your computer to automatically shutdown after a specific time?

Here's an easy to make timer for you, no need to install softwares.

Just follow this simple steps:

1. Create a new notepad document

2. Type the following
    shutdown -s -t 60

3. Change the 60 to how long your timer is. It is in seconds.

4. Save it as shutdowntimer.bat

5. Finally open the file
The look may be different in XP

How to stop the shutdown timer?

You have to be quick here specially if your timer is like mine above :)
1. Click Start > Run
2. Type cmd then press Enter on your keyboard
3. On the command window type shutdown -a then press Enter

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