Cool Windows Keyboard Shortcuts you Might not Know!

Keyboard shortcuts as the name says cut short our work and saves us a lot of time. Surprisingly most of us, don’t know any useful keyboard shortcuts besides ctrl+c & ctrl+v. So here’s a list of really cool and useful shortcuts that you could use on your PC.

1> Alt + Tab : Switch between apps.

If you have lot of windows or applications running on your desktop. Use this shortcut to quickly switch over them with a cool effect.

2> Shift + CTRL + N : Create New Folder

Creating new folders on PC, might be a common task for you. If you still right click to create new folders, this may save you a lot of time.

3> Shift + Delete : Permanent delete file

I hate to delete my files twice from my computer and from recycle bin. This shortcut deletes file directly without sending them to recycle bin. So think before you use this shortcut

4> Windows key + E : Open My Computer.

Want to open a new my computer window? Clicking on desktop icon is not the only way to do that.

5> Alt + F6 : Switch between apps.

It can be quite messy if you have lot of windows of same app. Lets say you have lot of firefox windows open, this shortcut lets you quickly choose the right window.

6> Windows + Spacebar : Show Desktop

This shortcut lets you have a quick sneak at desktop by turning all windows transparent.

7> Windows + 1, 2, 3,.. Launch Pinned Apps.

One thing you can do for your favorite apps is to pin them to taskbar. This shortcut lets you launch them easily, say you have to launch app pinned @ first position in taskbar, then press windows+1.

8> Windows + L :

Lock your computer in a tick.

9> Windows + (+/-) : Zoom in/out

Zoom in/out any window or desktop screen.

10> Alt + Spacebar + N :Minimize Active Window

While Windows + M minimizes all windows but most of the times, all i want is to minimize only the active window. Well this shortcut lets you minimize only the front window.

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