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Internet/Online Libel, What you Need to Know About It

The Philippines has just made the internet libel constitutional meaning it is now legal and anyone who will commit this offense will be penalized under the cybercrime prevention act no. 10175.

I already wrote an article about the Anti-Cybercrime law and pointed some things about it and it surely has some parts wherein we can benefit on it, but not with the Internet libel part which many believe is not constitutional or should not be included in the law.

But what really is Internet Libel and why do many protest against it? I’m sure most of you don’t really know what this new law wherein just using the internet can put you to jail is all about.

Definition of Internet or Online Libel

Why using facebook, twitter, youtube, email can now put you to jail?

With the new law, anyone who will attack an individual online may it be through facebook posts and comments, blog posts, email, or any other way that is written on the internet will be punishable. And even so the law states that the person who posted the harsh material on the internet will be the only one to be penalized and those who just shared or liked the post will be safe from the consequences, the law is still not that fair enough. I also just saw on TV news a government official who said “Hindi ka naman mapaparusahan kung tama lang at walang masama ang mga ipopost mo” but that doesn’t make any sense! Hello Mr. Offical, mali ba ang magprotesta laban sa mga tiwaling opisyal ng gobyerno? Sana kaya nyong I-identify ang “paninira” sa” katotohanan”, and like what I said on my last article about this law, there are still many cases the government should act on and prioritize first before interfering on our online social life/freedom, bago sana kayo mangialam sa kalayaan ng tao sa facebook o ihayag an aming opinion sa mga bagay-bagay na karapatan naman talaga namin, bigyan nyo muna ng pansin ang pagbibigay ng edukasyon, trabaho, medical attention ang mga mahihirap po! Punish those illicit officials not those who bring out the truth to the people.

Let’s now walk through some of our fellow Filipino netizens’ first impressions and concerns about the law, we can also consider these as the disadvantages of the Internet Libel.
This law obviously trims down our freedom of speech in the internet, we will not be free to express our thoughts and opinions about our government or officials and we all know this clearly oppose the so called “democracy”. The internet libel was also called “internet martial law” and that surely made a lot of sense. Are our laws meant to be broken? You make a law and make another one which will contradict it?


Well that’s what I call the disadvantages, now for the advantages or the benefits internet libel can give us. You might ask then, meron ba talagang advantage and internet libel? Most might only know is that this law will just shut us up in sharing our thoughts about unlawful officials, but certainly there are some points we should consider and do not totally oppose the law.

And to stop you from thinking what I have in mind is, you might already heard about “cyber bullying”. It is when a person is “bullied” online through destructive words, photos or videos posted on social media sites. For this issue also I split it again into two, if you are cyber bullied without factual cause for sure that’s clearly unlawful. But when you are cyber bullied because you stole the money that Juan Dela Cruz earned through his sweat and blood, you truly deserve it.

Who will benefit or who are PRO to this law then?
Anyone who don’t want to be cyber-bullied without realistic reasons
Corrupt officials who don’t want to be criticized and be uncovered

Who are against it

All facebook users, bloggers, journalists who loves speaking out there opinions bring out the truth about corrupt officials and thieves.

Should we stop cyber-bullying? Yet apparently stop speaking out the truth?

This makes this law unfair to death and I don’t think NBI or our government can really impose this kind of law in the internet which even never existed even in other countries, especially those who have a lot higher technologies than the Philippines.

Does our government really have what it takes to implement this kind of law?

This is another question regarding this law, can the “NBI anti-cybercrime division” tell the original author of a post or photo? Here’s an example: Someone on facebook posted a destructive photo of a senator and whether it is edited or real, you can’t tell he is the original uploader or source of that photo, he might have copied it from another person or website, so now he is a re-uploader. A re-uploader is not different from sharer who just shared the photo and as stated on the internet libel law, those who will share or like the post is exempted. Just the same with posts, how does copy paste differ from share? Copy pasting a post does not make you the original creator of that post.

Another thing about seeking for the original creator of a post or photo, I can copy a post, re-post it in my facebook profile and put a “by Anonymous” line on the bottom of the post, that would make me not the creator, and just the same also in a photo I can edit a senator’s face, put it in a pig’s body and add a label “created by anonymous”. The main point here is, the uploader is not necessarily the creator. Re-uploading, copy-pasting, reposting is just the same as sharing.

Nonetheless though of how they will plan to implement this law, I can say the internet libel is still a very uneven and unfair law. But if it will be completely imposed, we will have no choice but to forget about the negative effects and focus on the benefits we can get.

I will just be on the positive side and believe that this law can really stop cyber-bullying but I also hope the government will be fair and very reasonable in implementing such law or penalizing anyone. Also before implementing the law, the government should classify every kind of post, comment, or photo and clarify how it can and cannot be considered as libelous. 

Vhong, Deniece, Cedrick Case Questions Not Yet Answered

Share ko lang tong mga tanong na dapat masagot at hangaang ngayon hindi pa sinasagot nina Deniece at Cedrick.

May basehan nga ba sa rape case na to?

1. Bakit mag-iinvite ng lalake ang isang babae sa 11pm ng gabi na pumunta sa kanyang condo?

2. Kung manggagahasa ka kelangan ba bukas ang pinto ng condo? "It's Showtime?" Free viewing? Tsaka uunahin bang magtangal ng pantalon ang manrarape bago ung rerapin nya?

3. Bakit napunta pa sa KWARTO? bakit hindi sa sala? choosy ung rapist?

4. Kung pwenirsa ka, Asan ang pasa? Bugbog? Kalmot? Galos?

5. Follow up tanong sa 4. Hindi ka lumaban dahil wala kang galos? So ibig sabihin gusto mo rin.

6. Nakita ni Cedric, ano ginagawa ni cedric dun? Hindi siya kumatok? Daritso punta ng kwarto ng babae? Agad2x? Excited?

7. At saan galing ang kapatid ni Cedric at Limang kasamahan? Agad2x andun agad? Alam na may Rape na nagaganap?

8. Bakit kelangan bugbogin at pagtulongan? 1 laban sa 6? Mga bakla kayo?


10. ASAN GALING ANG DUCT TAPE? Girlscout si GURL laging handa.

11. Nakita ni GUARD na palabas sina Vhong at nakitang bugbog ang tao, HINDI MAN LANG SINITA NG GUARD CNA CEDRIC? Magkano ang lagay manong guard?

12. Bakit pinapabayad nila si Vhong sa damage na sila ang may gawa? From 200k to 2M? Palengke lang ang peg? May tawaran.

13. Bakit sa SPD at hindi sa TAGUIG nagFILE ng blotter? Bumyahe pa ng malayo at nilampasan ung mas malapit na presinto? Walang kakampi si Cedric sa Taguig?

14. Kung ikaw pulis nakita kang bugbog sarado yung tao, hindi mo iimbestigahan at huhulihin yung nang bugbog? May lagay?

15. Kung blotter kelangan talaga andun yung pinapablotter?

16. Kung may nagreklamo ng rape, wala bang karapatang hulihin ng pulis ang nagtangka ng rape? hinatid pa sa kotse?

17. Kung pinagtangkaan kang gahasain, BAKIT HINDI MO TINULOY ANG DEMANDA? Kung alam mong malakas laban mo. Hintayin mo pang mauna syang mandemanda?

18. Bakit nakapagBAR pa kinabukasan si Cedrik at si TALANDI! Victory Party?

19. KUNG PINAGTANGKAAN KANG GAHASAIN, DBA MAY TRAUMA KA KAHIT KUNTI? parang wala kasi eh. todo smile pa sa interview

20. Kelangan PUTOK NA PUTOK ang BLUSH ON sa pisnge humarap sa tao?

21. SINO WRITER NIYO? Si SUZETTE DUCTOLERO ba ng GMA7? Panget kasi ang pagkakasulat eh.

Evidence naman sa CCTV:

22:38 Dumating si Vhong sa lobby ng condo
22:39 Paakyat ng elevator si Vhong
22:40 Lumabas ang babae para sunduin si Vhong
22:41 Dumating si Cedric Lee
22:43 Dumating ang mga kasamahan ni Cedric
22:43 Lumabas ang babae

May chance pa bang mangyayari ang rape na isang minuto lang ang pagitan?!

Si Vhong never pa nasangkot sa anumang krimen, si cedric may kaso nang ganyan pambubugbog dn last 2007.

AT DENIECE BAKIT KELANGAN MO MAGSORRY SA NAGTANGKA GUMAHASA SA IYO?! Alam nating may something na kayo ni Vhong at meron dn kay cedrick. LANDEE

by: Anonymous

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SWA Earn Money From Home Through Facebook Real or Scam?

Have you also encountered posts on facebook like on the image below about something wherein you can earn money from home just from facebooking? SWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance is one of those “make money just from facebook” ones which is now spreading out on the social networking site facebook.

The first thing you might ask is if it is for real or not and just another scam, well I can say It is not a scam as you can actually earn money from SWA, but here’s the catch: Is it easy to do and how really do you earn from it? That’s the question you should ask before joining SWA or any other networking company, and yeah SWA is a networking company, you earn from referring other members but you should pay an amount of 2,500 first to join and those whom you will refer should also pay that amount to become a member. Meaning if you can’t refer someone to pay that amount you won’t earn.

Sure you can earn from just using facebook but it’s not that easy to recruit using facebook. You should have those extra mega persuading skills to refer someone. So those facebook posts you see saying you can earn just from liking, sharing, or posting on facebook is not true, you earn from recruiting someone to join and pay the 2,500 PHP.

I’m not a member of SWA and I never wanted to join those networking sites but as I’ve seen most of my friends who are member of networking companies, it is very hard to earn money or get referrals these days through networking companies as the word “PYRAMIDING AND NETWORKING SCAM” emerged to most people’s thoughts.

Again SWA is not a SCAM and I don’t discourage you joining these networking companies, you still have the decision to join or not.

How to Shop Securely in Online Buy and Sell Websites

Secured Online Shopping.
Online shopping sure is awesome since you can do it at home, send the money and get the item at your doorstep but there are many things you should consider first before giving out your money, like the authenticity of the item, the seller, and the website.

There are many reported cases of scams related to online buy & sell sites especially here in the Philippines wherein the person didn't receive the item from the seller after sending the money, and since the TV reporters didn't do a very good job explaining on how to avoid being victimized by these scams I made this article for thousands of users of these sites to know how to shop wisely online.

The first thing you should know is that the items posted on those buy and sell websites are not owned by the site, but by users just like you, so you can’t assure that those whom you are negotiating are not just posting scam items there, even so the website is authentic (like sulit.com.ph and ayosdito.ph) they do not have the full control over the sellers. As we know anyone can create an account there even with a fake identity and post an item whether real or fake items like gadgets, appliances, clothing, cars, accessories, houses etc.

So the best thing you can do is to find items posted by users near your area or city, so you can set a meet up preferably in a public place and hand over the money and item personally, in that way you won’t risk sending money to users from far places which you don’t even know if they will ship the item to you.

These sites have search features wherein you can choose your area wherein you can find items or users near you. With these way you can also see the item with your own eyes and make sure you are not buying something which is not on the posted ad.

Well I’m not saying all users and items posted that are not in your area are not legit ones and I'm not also discouraging you in shopping online, you still have the choice to buy any items on the internet but make sure you check and verify the item and the identity of the owner (even that would be not that easy) carefully before sending money or entering your card info.

How to Root Any Android Phone/Tablet Easy, Fast, and Safe Way

There are many advantages of rooting your android device, I will make an article later about the reasons why you should root your phone. And for today I will share you the best way to do it without bricking or damaging your device.

For this tutorial we will use a small app called Framaroot, you don’t need to open your phone’s hboot or bios, or ask for experts to root your device, and no need to use a PC. I successfully rooted my android phone from the first try of this app and used it to root many other android phones and tablets.

Here are the steps to do it:

1.       Download and install Framaroot.apk.
2.       Open, It will look like this:

3.       Select Install "SuperSU" if not yet selected.
4.       Then click "Boromir".

5.       Your device will now restart and viola!, your android is now rooted.
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What Makes Flappy Bird So Addictive?

Flappy bird is currently the top downloaded game in google play store by android users right now, I myself got curious so I’ve downloaded and played the trendy game.

The game has only one control and that is to tap the screen to make the bird go up and avoid the pipes, you just need to get through as many pipes as you can to reach higher levels and score.

Honestly speaking It is one of the most shitty games I’ve ever played but ridiculously also very addicting one. Even with Its crappy graphics and very uncomplicated game play you will surely don’t quit until you haven’t scored at least 3 and I’m serious about that.

Well for me I just started playing the game earlier today and reached score of 15, and I don’t even know how I got that far LOL. Even you got that far, if you bumped those pipes with that fat bird's beak you will start from the very beginning.

You can’t even try to memorize the pipe position to make it easy to get through the next time, because the pipe positioning changes everytime you start a new game.

I think one thing that makes it addictive and remarkable is because of Its name and game style which is kinda comparable to the Angry Birds game which also made a name in the whole gaming world.

Another reason why this game became that trendy is that you can compare and beat each other’s score with your friends, just because of It’s simple scoring that is every pair of pipe you get through you get a score.

Well I'm sure enough this game will evolve the coming months and will have some new updates and features just like any other game that became hit.

If you haven't installed the game yet, you might wanna and let me know how far you can go without breaking your phone LOL.

How to Unlock Plants Vs. Zombies 2 4th World?

Many might be searching for ways to unlock the 4th world on the most loved arcade game Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

From my research I found out the 4th world is called “Far Future” and It is already available but yet to be unlocked first. If you can’t see the 4th map you should update your game, you’ll see there a darkened map which has question marks below it.

I already finished all the 24/24 of each of the first 3 levels (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Wild West), and If I recall what I saw upon finishing the last level of the Wild West world is that the key for the 4th world can be acquired from the endless zones (Pyramid of Doom, Dead Man’s Booty, Big Bad Butte) these endless levels can be found on each of the 3 worlds.

I already got 1 key but can’t use it to open the 4th world, I’m still wondering how many keys needed for the new world to be unlocked, and on what level of the endless zones you can get the keys

So the only way to unlock the 4th world is then to play as high level in the endless zones.

How Being Socially Active can greatly Help in your Blogging

Being active socially especially in social networking would certainly help you in your blogging, why?

Well we all know in blogging you need to be as updated as possible in the latest trends in our life, whether in technology, entertainment or any other topics you are blogging about you can see all those in social media like facebook, twitter or any social networking site.

I for myself get the idea of most my articles from my facebook new feeds. Surely there are many sites you can get updates from but I can tell you nothing can be better than online social network in giving you trending topics minute to minute. Just from mere opening your facebook homepage will show you dozens of topics you can blog about.

And since we are talking about trends on social networks, you can certainly expect you will get much traffic for your blog posts by writing topics related to trending issues.

Bandwidth Limit | You need to know when purchasing Internet Plans

What is bandwidth limit? It is the size of data you can only use within the time you are subscribed into an internet plan.

Many internet service providers whether   offer cheap plans but usually this low-priced plans come with limited bandwidth, so even it says unlimited speed doesn’t mean unlimited bandwidth or data. Another explanation is if you have limited bandwidth and if you love downloading movies or games certainly you will get disconnected or have a slow connection if you will reach the bandwidth limit, commonly ISPs have per day or per month bandwidth limit.

So one important thing you should see when availing internet plans is the bandwidth limit, you should not only check for cheap prize and unlimited speed but unlimited bandwidth also. But if you will still purchase plans with limited bandwidth because you can’t afford the unli ones, expect what I said slow connection or disconnections.

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